coreytestwpicI’m originally from Chicago and I’ve been in Ohio for the last 15 years.

Outcome..  I’m seriously over weight and I know I’m not healthy right now.  I’ve struggled with weight issues my entire life (up and down) and I think I’m almost back to the heaviest I’ve ever been.  In 2006, I lost a lot of weight (80 pounds) I was down to 205lbs..  I did it by running 6 days a week and not eating after 8pm. I put on 15 – 20 lbs in 2007 and then I maintained  for 3 years (220 – 225).  In 2011, the weight started creeping back on, and I’m almost back (last weigh in 2 weeks ago 270lbs.  Very disappointing.  In 2011, I ate terribly consistently and did not workout consistently.

So, Saturday July 6th, I made my mind up to do some things different and get back focused.  I’ve changed my eating habits and I’ve been working out.  I haven’t had fast food, fried chicken, pizza, pizza with extra cheese, french fries with barbecue sauce and black pepper, tacos, wings from any place that sells them, ICE CREAM, (cookies & cream blizzards from dairy queen), skittles, chewy sweet-tarts, almond m&m’s, penn station,pancakes from cracker barrel and a whole lot of my favorite things since July 6th.  It’s been tough, but I’ve done pretty good sine July 6th.

Since July 6th, I’ve been eating a lot of fruit, salads, chicken, vegetables, cereal (special-k), and I’ve been working out consistently.  I’d like to loose 50lbs, but this time I want to tone up in the process.  The first time, I lost 80lbs, I just ran on the treadmill 6 days a week and the weight,dropped in 11 months. but I did no weight training and I didn’t tone at all.  I don’t want muscles, I’ve never had them, I just want to be healthy.